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Great Health Benefits of Drinking Sage Tea

With documented use since at least the first century BC, sage has been reported to be useful for a number of different health ailments. These sage tea health benefits include cleansing wounds, reducing the effects of the flu and cold symptoms, and helping to treat rheumatism and arthritis.

These ancient remedies have been carried over to today, and currently, sage tea remains as one of the most popular types of herbal remedies available in the market today. With centuries of anecdotal and clinical research helping back up these ancient claims, there is no doubt in the minds of many physicians' and herbalists' that there are many good reasons to drink this delicious tea.

Calming Sedative Effect of Sage

Some of the specific health benefits that have been associated with sage tea include fighting against fevers, calming anxiety or other nervous disorders. It can also be used to help stop excessive perspiration, and relieve tension headaches by calming the patient down. Because there are very few, if any side effects to drinking this tea, you can drink it every day as a preventive measure for many illnesses such as these. Those that drink sage tea have also experienced a positive boost in mood and mental alertness as well.

Antiseptic & Antibacterial Properties of Sage Tea

With antiseptic and antibacterial properties, sage tea has also been used as a common means to stop infections and kill any bacteria that may have infected wounds. That includes dental abscesses or infected gums in the mouth, as well as inflammations in the nose, throat, and ears. It can also help when applied topically to bee stings or other insect bites, to reduce swelling and prevent infection. With qualities similar to rosemary, the two often go hand in hand not only in cooking but also as herbal teas.

Improved Focus and Memory

Research that has been done on the effects of sage tea has shown that this herbal drink can improve focus and memory as well as possibly prevent the negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Further studies have shown that this is in part due to sage’s ability to weaken the enzymes that are responsible for the degeneration of the chemicals in the brain that are important for retaining memory. This makes sage tea an excellent drink for those who wish for an added boost of focus and memory, especially while studying.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Sage Tea

To prepare this tea simply use a teabag that contains sage, and steep it in a hot cup of water for five to ten minutes. This herbal tea can sometimes be mixed with other herbs such as rosemary for a more comprehensive remedy. Optionally, milk and sugar can be added according to taste.

Sage tea has a pleasant taste and aroma to offer and many benefits that accompany it make it even more desirable among many tea and herbal enthusiasts. It is evident that there are many useful ways to utilize this tea in a manner that will improve many aspects of your life. For those that are interested in trying out these benefits for themselves, sage tea can be commonly found in many health food stores. Alternatively, this tea can also be easily found for sale online from a variety of different online merchants. As always, we recommend Buddha Teas as a high quality seller of all natural teas that you can feel comfortable relying on. Buddha Teas uses organic herbs that are offered in unbleached tea bags free from undesirable chemicals and toxins. We truly hope that you have been able to find this article useful and able to answer any questions that you may have regarding sage tea. However, for further inquiries, you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

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