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Sage Tea & Depression

Herbal remedies have been growing in popularity due to their versatile effects benefits. This has made them particular favorable among those who prefer a holistic approach to maintaining their health and well-being. Sage tea is one such herb that can be greatly beneficial in a variety of different ways. For example, if you’re experiencing a lowered mood, a cup of sage tea may be helpful in uplifting your spirit. This may be one of the reasons why herbalists have been known to recommend this tea to those who experience feelings of depression.

What is Depression?

Although it is generally common to experience feelings of disappointment and sadness at some points in your life, sometimes people experience these feelings consistently. In this case you may suffer from the medical condition known as depression. Depression is a clinical disorder that can lead to emotional as well as physical problems that interfere with day to day living. In some of the worst cases, feelings that are consistent with depression can lead to a lowered feeling of self-worth and thoughts of suicide. Depression is a chronic disorder that requires consistent and constant treatment in order to overcome. Some of the symptoms that are experienced with depression include: irritability, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, lowered sexual drive, insomnia, changes in appetite, slowed thinking, fatigue, unexplained periods of sadness, and more.

Drinking Sage Tea

Although sage tea is by no means considered a cure for depression, it can be a useful herbal supplement that may help a sufferer of depression cope with some of the symptoms that are often experienced with this disorder. You can drink sage tea regularly or on an as needed basis, hot or cold depending on preference. It is always advised to consult with a doctor prior to drinking sage tea if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to any medications to ensure that you will not experience any adverse reactions.

Additional Information on Sage Tea

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