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Sage Tea: Benefits

For thousands of years, herbalists have made use of various plants as a result of the benefits that are offered to us. Among the medicinal herbs that are offered to us, one of the oldest used remedies is sage. The history of using sage dates all the way back to the times of ancient Egyptians. Although sage is commonly used for culinary purposes, it also has many wonderful benefits to offer when made into a tea. Modern research has uncovered many different reasons that sage tea can be so beneficial, and today even some doctors recommend it to their patients for certain problems. While you're unlikely to ingest enough of the herb when it is used as a seasoning in your food, turning it into sage tea has a powerful potential to deliver an added boost to your health in numerous different ways.

Soothing & Relaxing Effects

There are many reports that sage tea can help to combat anxiety, stress, and other nerve related conditions. Many users even report relief from stress and tension headaches thanks to the use of the tea. This tea works well to help calm and relax those that suffer from stress and anxiety disorders. These relaxing effects make sage tea a popular choice among women since these benefits can help relieve many symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Improves Memory & Focus

Recent studies have shown that drinking sage tea not only improves memory but also helps to heighten focus and sharpen the senses as well. Current research being conducted regarding this aspect of sage tea has shown positive data in regards to the positive effects this tea may have on assisting those that are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Stimulating & Cleansing

Sage has powerful anti bacterial properties and is frequently used to combat infections of various types. Drinking sage tea can help to alleviate dental infections such as abscesses and infected gums. Nose, throat, and ear infections can all benefit from its use and infected cuts or scratches can see marked improvements as a result of drinking the tea. It has long been relied on as a cleansing agent, helping to flush toxins and waste from the body and improve the function and overall health of the kidneys, liver, and urinary tract. Even those suffering from digestive troubles can benefit from drinking it on a regular basis. The antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties of this tea also help with a wide range of other ailments as well, helping to stave off infections.

External Uses

People dealing with excessive sweating can often find relief through the use of the tea and it can also be applied topically in a cold compress to help relieve the stinging, itching, and swelling that accompanies bug bites and bee stings. It is also beneficial for use for those that are suffering from dry, itchy skin. Furthermore, applying it to small cuts and wounds can help work as an antiseptic as well as help it to heal quicker. Some people even use sage tea as a hair rinse in order to help relieve dry hair as well as a dry scalp.

Using Sage Tea

With such a long list of different benefits, there's little doubt that drinking sage tea can help you tremendously. Drinking a couple cups of sage tea a day is a safe, all natural way to boost your overall well being and can be used daily to improve your health and calm your nerves. Studies continue to be done and most seem to suggest that there are even more benefits available through using the tea. While it will always have a place in the spice rack and will continue to find its way into countless dishes, its medical benefits as a tea make a strong case for its addition to your daily health regiment.

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Although sage is commonly used for culinary purposes, it also has many wonderful benefits to offer when made into a tea.